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The Gateway Retreat is dedicated to teaching people how to create harmonious, high performing and creative group environments, whether at home, work, school or play.

Our aim is for people to experience the joy of harmonious groups in flow. We believe the highest potential of all groups is Collective Wisdom – a state of insight, clarity, objectivity and discernment, rooted in deep caring and compassion. We feel this is the key for solving the future challenges of our world in a way that is inclusive, wise and for “the greatest good of all, at the cost of none”.

We also love ‘Flow States’ or ‘In The Zone’ experiences, where people experience high-levels of performance, peace and perspective that eclipse their normal view of what’s possible in the world. Our aim is to go another step and create ‘Collective Flow States’, where this heightened level of performance and resonance can be experienced in group environments.

Our Programs

Mindfulness Training
Collective Mind Training
Collective Leadership Coaching
The Gateway Retreat