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My passion is to unlock the ‘glue’ of peak performing teams. I’m passionate about Collective Mind and Collective Flow States, and believe that accessing Collective Wisdom is the the key to unlocking the greatest possibility for peace and prosperity on our planet. 

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed teams coming together with the best intentions fail. From a childhood growing up in dysfunctional collective environments, to playing high level basketball, to leading large-scale change in leading corporate organisations.

My quest has been to unlock the intangible glue that keeps people together under pressure, or tears them apart. This quest led me around the world looking at professional sporting teams, revolutionary organisations, global events and villages in Japan.

What I found is that it all comes down to ‘hearts and minds’. It’s the invisible that always drives the visible. And to understand the invisible, I needed to unlock collective mind.

My vision is to transform the way we come together, by combining the gifts of traditional group wisdom with the best of western culture. My hope is that we can return our lives to a more harmonious way of relating, working, educating and playing.



I am an educated woman, grateful for my place in the broader context. I am learning to be a simple woman, recognising the truth that an Australian Aboriginal woman, Lily Walker, once spoke…

“If you are here to help me, then you are wasting your time. But if you are here because your liberation is bound up in mine, then let us begin.”

I have worked in marketing and advertising for over 30 years in management, strategic planning and more recently corporate training roles. I also teach the Strategic Digital Marketing course in the Masters of Marketing program at UNSW.

My career has ridden alongside a deep interest in Self-Knowledge, which has taken me to ashrams in India, meditation retreats in Asia and the transpersonal schools of North America.

I am a registered Psychotherapist, a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and have established a personal mindfulness practice that has deepened significantly over the decades, supporting me in flourishing in these uncertain times.



I blend wisdom and experience across a diverse background, having worked in the corporate world in private industry and government for over 10 years, in Australia and the UK.

I practice as a holistic therapist at The Soul Space, working with clients to build strong inner awareness, as they seek to thrive in deep alignment with their passions.

I am committed whole-heartedly to the process of creating group harmony and wisdom, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

I see Kensan as a way of promoting deep self enquiry and strong constructive groups, through the depth of presence, respect and harmony that Kensan brings to group dynamics and decision-making.



I am an experienced facilitator who runs a variety of retreats throughout Australia. With a deep love of Kensan, I believe strongly in the benefits and wisdom that Kensan can bring to western culture.

Actively engaged in the Mens Wellbeing Association and in the running of festivals, gatherings and programs that support men and boys, I have a passion for creating retreats that are deeply transformative.

A highly experienced labyrinth designer, builder and facilitator, I have installed labyrinths all across Australia to support ceremonial and healing spaces. My latest installation at Australia’s Woodford Folk Festival forms a key part of the festival ceremony.



My passion for food began at a very early age. As a young migrant from Italy, my love for Italian cooking was sparked by the love of good food within the family and watching my aunties and father prepare deliciously more-ish home-cooked dishes (Food Philosophy).

I am an Ayurvedic Chef and my specialities are a fusion of Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and European inspired Vegetarian cuisine. I also specialise in designing meals that cater for Special Needs and Dietary Requirements, without compromising flavour and nutrition.

I love the cleanliness of Thai and Japanese Cuisines, the warmth and love of Italian and French Cooking, and the science and spirituality of Ayurvedic Food Preparation. This inspires me to create a more modern fushion-istic style, using elements of all these cuisines.

I believe in incorporating the energy of love into the process of cooking food, the use of organic whole foods over packaged foods, foods that are ideally eaten directly from the garden, and sugar, chemical and additive-free foods. 

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