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Mindfulness at Home

“Hell is other people!”
- Jean-Paul Sartre

How often do we feel this during times of challenge, conflict and turmoil in our relationships – with partners, children, family, friends and neighbours? What often do we feel we have a healthy level of mindfulness at home? 

The Gateway Retreat supports us in cultivating increased mindfulness of unhelpful patterns in ourselves, and also in finding more skilful and truthful actions in our relating with others at home. Developing mindfulness at home means you are better able to navigate the challenges of family relationships, be a present and mindful parent, and bring a sense of awareness and love to your relationships.  

Cultivating mindfulness at home

Embracing others and ourselves as part of the ‘One-Body’ transforms how we understand relationships and ourselves in them. Discovering how our needs and autonomy are met while also deeply connecting with and not compromising our partner, family, or friends.

  • Learn to listen deeply to those you love
  • Develop awareness about why you react in situations
  • Learn techniques to improve communication
  • Explore techniques that build connection and harmony

How we do this?

  • We will be cultivating ways to remain present, compassionate, spacious and curious during intense relational and group demands that are part and parcel of a full life
  • We will experience self-empathy and empathy for others
  • We will build trust and allowing for transparency of oneself
  • We will allow our authentic self to come forward rather than defences of self, or masks
  • We’ll focus on and deeply listen to what truly matters between human beings – honest expression of what’s alive in them

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Our retreats are run in Northern NSW, Australia at the base of the majestic Mount Warning,
35 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 hours from Brisbane. 

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