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Mindfulness at Work

“The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur
because of technology, but because of an expanded concept
of what it means to be human.”
John Naisbitt

As leaders we are challenged to create new ways of making meaning, to see the world in more sophisticated, more complex and wiser ways and thus to know ourselves and the world from a higher vantage point, a broader perspective. 

Cultivating Mindfulness at Work

Cultivating mindfulness at work, including a personal mindfulness practice as well as mindful leadership, was recently described as no longer a ‘nice to have’ by Harvard Business Review, it’s now a ‘must have‘.

Experiencing our self in a group as ‘One-Body’ can create another cognitive breakthrough in our ability to transcend simple either-or with complex both-and thinking and understanding. ‘One-body’ experiences help us deal with some of the great paradoxes of life:

  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Solitude and relationship
  • Tending to the self and tending to others

A New Mindset

The Gateway Retreat supports us in dis-identifying from our limited ego, by looking at our ego from a distance where we can suddenly see how its fears, ambitions, and desires often run our life. Developing a ‘One-Body’ worldview we can learn to minimise our need to control, to look good, to fit in.

We are no longer as fixed, and we don’t let our fears reflexively control our lives. We learn to decrease our need to control people and events. In the process we make room to listen to the wisdom of other, deeper parts of ourselves.

Redefining Meeting Culture

Working with the Japanese art of Kensan and the traditional way of coming together in Dialogue Circles, meetings take on a new quality. Our listening is no longer limited to gathering information so as to better convince, fix or dismiss. We create a shared, safe space from judgement, where our deep listening helps others to find their voice and their truth, just as they help us find ours.

Kensan and Dialogue Circles enable groups to overcome common issues such as personality conflicts, power struggles, competition, dominance and ineffective communication. Thereby creating a group culture that is harmonious, collaborative, innovative and highly adaptable to change.

Leadership Truth

Developing a ‘Zero-Position’ mindset helps us shift from external to internal yardsticks in our decision-making. We are now concerned with the question of inner rightness:

  • Does this decision seem right?
  • Am I being true to myself?
  • Is this in line with who I sense I’m called to become?
  • Am I being of service to the world?

Mindful Leadership

Many leaders find being together in this unique way gives them an experience of being quieter and stiller, of observing their thoughts about situations rather than being captured in them. Through Mindfulness they feel they’ve acquired the power of choice – to now choose how they react.

While everyone who comes to The Gateway Retreat does so with their own history and experiences, a central part of the process, is an exploration of values and ethics. The Gateway processes offer very practical ways of helping people explore what really matters to them. 

Many make changes in their leadership, their careers or organisations to better serve a higher purpose or new set of values.

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