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Mindfulness in Sports

Mindfulness in sports is now a concept that high-performing athletes are starting to adopt with great success. From NFL and NBA teams, to AFL teams (Sydney Swans, Melbourne Demons) to London 2012 Olympic athletes, developing the power of the mind is seen as essential for elite performance.

We believe the next frontier of performance and mastery is how teams access the GroupMind and build a One-Body mindset. Through this the can access the highest potential of all group sporting teams – a Collective Flow State

Combined with The 5 Values and the key mindsets, high-performance now becomes about self-mastery than competition. It’s about how we develop our full potential as a human being:

“Of course we want to win every game, but winning forever is more about realising your potential and making yourself as good as you can be. Realising this is a tremendous accomplishment, whether it’s in football or in life”
- NFL Coach Pete Carroll

A New Level of Performance

Typically our practices and techniques are seen in these areas:

  • Peak Experience – Flow states and Collective Flow States emerge, where players find moments of intense clarity that give them access to parts of themselves, and the team, usually hidden.
  • The Inner GameMindfulness helps players quiet the mind by shifting their attention to what’s actually going on as opposed to what they’re imaging in their heads, and we believe the whole team can have a quiet mind.
  • One-Body – Players access a sense of their body that extends beyond its immediate boundaries and perceives it as a part of an interconnected One-Body whole, which can become the essence of a deeper kind of teamwork.

Examples of Mindfulness in Sports

NFL – Seattle Seahawks

NBA – Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, New York Knicks

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