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The Experience

The Gateway

The Gateway is a 6-day immersion experience that teaches the mindset, values and way-of-being needed to create harmonious, inclusive and wise groups. Experience being able to express openly, listen deeply and accept others without fear or favour.

The experience

This Kensan Mindfulness retreat takes you through a foundational change in yourself and prepares the way for a totally new way of being in group. It’s a commitment to personal change and a practical experience of the harmony of a Collective MindOne-Body and Zero-Position.

Through Kensan, Mindfulness and Dialogue Circles, we will explore the very things that limit us, cause us suffering, and create disharmony in our group relationships. 

You will experience creating a new group culture, as we explore The 5 Values of deep listening, the suspension of certainty, a state of curiosity, respect for diversity, individual discernment within a group, welcoming all that arises and trust in the group.

What’s your experience?

What has been your experience of being in groups, whether that be family, work or play? Has it been harmonious, supportive and innovative, or has it been competitive, aggressive and limiting?

I was never shown how to be in a group, but from the day I was born I lived in group – from family, to school and eventually a workplace. Someone just assumed I knew, and I just assumed they knew. Nothing was further from the truth.

The Gateway Retreat is a unique gift to yourself, one that promises of a freer, more happy place in yourself – and a more harmonious and productive relationship with your groups, families and organisations.


The Gateway Retreat experience

 The Process

Learn more about the process and why it can only be taken once in your life. more…


Learn how the Japanese art of Kensan can create group harmony through the Collective Mind. more…


Explore practical Mindfulness techniques that can bring you greater peace, focus and performance. more…


Experience how Dialogue circles can create shared empathy, understanding and deep listening in groups. more…


Learn simple and practical Grounding techniques to get you into your body, focussed and centered. more…


Discover the simple yet powerful technique of bringing order and beauty into shared group spaces. more…


Walk the stunning labyrinth and find the path home to yourself. more…