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“The teleology of the Universe is directed to the production of Beauty.”
~ Alfred North Whitehead

The fundamental values of beauty, truth, and goodness have been recognised since antiquity as the intrinsic qualities from which all values are essentially derived.

Just as the millions of colours in the visible spectrum can be fairly represented through the combination of three primary colours, so too can the millions of shades of quality be approximated by reference to beauty, truth, and goodness.

What is Beautification?

The Beautification process is intrinsic to each day as an honouring of the group space and an honouring of the truth, beauty and goodness in us all. You will experience how the Beautification process contributes to group flow, harmony and creativity.

This unique Gateway Retreat process is comprised of discerning beautification needs, communicating and moving with intention and mindfulness, acting as ‘One-Body’ to create renewed and clean spaces and most enjoyably, random acts of art.

The skills you’ll learn in Beautification can be taken back to your home, office, school and community spaces and will make any task that involves clearing and cleaning and beautifying a truly enjoyable experience for all involved – even children will readily want to be included.

  • Beautification spiral

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Our retreats are run in Northern NSW, Australia at the base of the majestic Mount Warning,
35 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 hours from Brisbane. 

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