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Kensan 研 鑽

“Sharpening the point”

  • Investigation
  • Master things deeply
  • Pursuing truth
  • Self-growth
  • A profound study

What is Kensan?

Kensan is used to sharpen an idea or to seek truth, continually refining a single question until a state of insight, agreeance or consensus emerges. This singular focus enables a Collective Mind to emerge, where a group thinks in the ‘same direction’, yet not in the ‘same way’.

Kensan is a non-hierarchical meeting style which enables groups to access the power of  Collective Wisdom through deep inquiry as a group. Often deep inquiry is an individual process, however Kensan enables a collective Collective Mind to emerge, allowing groups to explore shared wisdom and insight. 

The training of ‘group focus’ also enables a state of ‘group-mindfulness’ to emerge. This sees a sense of peace, calm and equanimity develop at the Collective Mind level, as well as individual mind. Kensan is far more than a tool, it’s ultimately a process for creating a ‘One-Body‘ way of being and living.

Benefits of Kensan

“Through Kensan, people experience being safe, valued, listened to, and able to express one’s thoughts openly without fear or favour.”

It builds shared respect, trust and empathy in groups, creating a group, family, school or team culture that is harmonious, collaborative and highly adaptable to change. It enables groups to overcome common issues such as:

  • personality conflicts
  • power struggles
  • competition
  • dominance
  • ineffective communication.

Kensan sharpening the point

History of Kensan

Kensan is a Japanese, non-hierarchical decision making process/meeting which was developed after the second world war in Japan. Kensan comes with 60 years of experience and is practised across Japan and worldwide. 

Kensan meetings are held regularly, or any time and on any subject proposed by any member or members in these meetings. Any member can freely express his or her choices and opinions. Any topic can be discussed and the unfolding and sharing that emerges is typically insightful and heart opening.

Decision making is not by majority rule, but through the Kensan system of repetitions of Propose-Dialogue-Discussion-Agreement-Reexamination.

The only criterion is the pursuit of genuine happiness for one’s own self and for everyone on the earth at the cost of no being.

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