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“Even though we may have forgotten how to be aware,
awareness is as natural to us as breathing.”

In The Gateway Retreat, we experience mindfulness as less about learning a new skill than about rediscovering a skill we already have but that has fallen into disuse and been obscured by distractions, acquired beliefs, and habitual undesirable patterns of thinking and feeling.

Through Mindful Living Practice, Beautification and exploration of The 5 Values – The Gateway Retreat creates an experience where the conditions for our natural, inherent state of awareness to arise and we can recognise it and reclaim it as our birthright, and as our natural state of being.

What is Mindfulness?

Despite its name, mindfulness has nothing to do with the use of the mind in the usual sense. It’s not about thinking things through or being cautious — it’s simply a matter of “being present and paying attention to what’s happening right now, on purpose and with no judgement”.

Another way to phrase it is “present moment awareness,” because it eliminates any connotation of laboriousness or effort. Being aware is our natural state, prior to all the conditioning we’ve accumulated over a lifetime.

When you were born and opened your eyes to the world for the first time, simple, unadulterated awareness peered out, curious and alert. When you wake up and open your eyes in the morning, the very same unconditioned, unfiltered awareness greets the day, before concerns, worries, plans, and schedules rush in to obscure it.

Like the sun hidden by clouds, this awareness is constantly shining, no matter how much mental chatter passes through. The thoughts, worries, and plans require effort—present moment awareness is effortless.

The Mindful Revolution

After years of being largely the domain of yoga studios and meditation halls, the benefits of having a mindfulness meditation practice has entered mainstream society.

Dozens of studies are published each year in magazines, newspapers, and academic journals showing the benefits of mindfulness for everything from stress-reduction and pain management to enhanced empathy and increased focus and effectiveness at home, work, play and school.

Corporations and universities are also rushing to include it in their curriculum or their offerings to employees. Mindfulness even premiered at a recent annual meeting of the influential World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where a presentation touted its value for the corporate bottom line.

Corporate Training

We provide a range of training and consultancy services for organisations through our parent company Collective Mind. If you are interested in programs for your business, please see our Corporate page under ‘About’ for an overview of our offerings:

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Our retreats are run in Northern NSW, Australia at the base of the majestic Mount Warning,
35 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 hours from Brisbane. 

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