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The Gateway Retreat was an experience like no other - a retreat where all my beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and patterns came up for timely review and deep investigation. The way in which this happened was unlike anything I have experienced before, especially considering the retreat doesn’t teach ‘tools’ or ‘techniques’; Rather, it calls us forth to a whole new way of being.
Kellie Graham
Executive Coach
I arrived at this Kensan retreat having a healthy level of awareness and experience working with people. This retreat made shifts in me that showed me how subtle and deep my beliefs were, and how unaware I can be.
You must do this before the sand runs out in the hourglass!
Stephen Halsall
After so many years of looking, Kensan taught me how to see. This week changed my life forever. The world would be an amazing place if we all practised Kensan. Do this, and make your world, and the world a better place.
Darren Naftal
Director / DN Architecture
I found a deep reflection of myself which I’m confident will stay with me. A reminder and remembering of my natural state, which I forget in our manufactured society.
Ian Martin
IT Consultant
Kensan makes me realise that I don’t want to die wondering!
Richard Kirwood
The Gateway was a call to this lone wolf to return to the pack. To return to a fuller and more natural way of being with myself, and being in relationship. A way to fully live and trust this one wild and precious life!
Heather Albrecht
Strategic Marketing & Training Consultant / Digital Connections
An amazing opportunity to explore self, connection and truth in a profoundly different way. The revelations have changed me.
Stephen Armytage
MD and Founder / Gymea Retreat

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Our retreats are run in Northern NSW, Australia at the base of the majestic Mount Warning,
35 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 hours from Brisbane. 

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