The Gateway Retreat
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From the Latin ‘principium’, principle means the beginning or the end of all things. The early Greeks used the term principles not only to express the origin of things, but also to express their fundamental laws and their ultimate objectives.

The Gateway Retreat focuses on developing a new ‘way of being’, rather then a ‘way of doing’, therefore principles take on even more significance in their role of expressing true origin, fundamental laws and ultimate objectives. This paves the way for an experience of foundational change in yourself.

The following guiding principles and values are at the core of The Gateway experience and will be called in continuously to guide your experience.


To have a worldview that is inclusive, welcomes diversity and recognises that we live in a constant state of inter-connection with all other life. more…


To suspend certainty, to have no personal bias and to put aside current belief systems and fixed positions or ideas. To listen and to speak without attachment. more…

 The 5 Values

The 5 core values are a set of foundational values that we believe best prepare groups for accessing group harmony and releasing Collective Wisdom. They are Curiosity, Listening, Respect, Acceptance and Trust more…

Collective Mind

The Collective Mind is a field of intelligence, wisdom or creativity that is created when a group learns to come together in a unified way. more…

 Collective Wisdom

Collective Wisdom is about how we come to make sound decisions with others, touched by what is common and decent in us all. more…

 Collective Flow

A Collective Flow State emerges when a group comes into perfect mental, emotional and physical resonance. more…

The Gateway Retreat principles


  • Deep listening
  • The suspension of certainty
  • A state of curiosity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Individual discernment within a group
  • Welcoming all that arises
  • Trust in the group