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Collective Wisdom

We believe the highest potential of all groups is Collective Wisdom – a state of insight, clarity, objectivity and discernment, rooted in deep caring and compassion. We feel this is the key for solving the future challenges of our world in a way that is inclusive, wise and for “the greatest good of all, at the cost of none”.

Collective Wisdom is about how we come to make sound decisions with others, touched by what is common and decent in us all. It evokes experiences of connection to a greater wisdom beyond the individual mind, and is an insight or action recognising that what happens to one happens to all.

The Gateway Retreat has a range of practices and structures that enable its emergence in groups, and prepares the way for collective flow states to emerge:

An Emergent Phenomenon

“You can set the conditions that make it more likely for that ‘magic in the middle‘ to happen, but you can‘t predict that it will happen. I do think, though…that you can increase your chances quite substantially being highly intentional in setting up the preconditions”
– Craig Hamilton, Come together: The mystery of collective intelligence (2004)

Collective Wisdom is an ‘emergent’ phenomena, in that it emerges through a process, rather than being controlled or predicated by it. It is essential then that the foundation of a group be set correctly to ensure its likelihood to emerge more often. We believe the keys to enabling this are:

  • Deep listening
  • The suspension of certainty
  • A state of curiosity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Individual discernment within a group
  • Welcoming all that arises
  • Trust in the group

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Our retreats are run in Northern NSW, Australia at the base of the majestic Mount Warning,
35 minutes from Gold Coast airport and 2 hours from Brisbane. 

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