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Collective Mind

“The unified consciousness or collective intelligence of a group of individuals.”

The Collective Mind is field of intelligence, wisdom or creativity that is created when a group learns to come together in a unified way. A ‘Collective Mind’ forms where a wisdom is created that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is a mindset orientation that recognises that the wisdom of the group is more powerful than the wisdom of the individual.

This often leads groups to experience Collective/Group Flow States, a state of peak performance or experience where “a unified flowing from one moment to the next occurs, in which we feel in control of our actions, and in which there is little distinction between self and group; between stimulus and response; or between past, present, and future”.

To train the Collective Mind we use:

Collective Mind training builds shared respect, trust and empathy in groups, creating a group culture that is harmonious, collaborative, innovative and highly adaptable to change.

Risks of Collective Mind

The Collective Mind is an inherently powerful tool, and must be developed and exercised with a strong foundation of mindsets and values.

The highest potential of all groups is Collective Wisdom and the lowest is Collective Folly, both are equally as possible to create. ‘Group-think’ or ‘Group Mind’ is a real risk when the Collective Mind is created without key foundational elements that ensure that powerful personalities and egos can’t manipulate and control the group to their own desires. 

Our group practices ensure that a Collective Mind is created safely, with as much respect and wisdom as possible:

  • We use Kensan and Dialogue, to ensure that a group ‘thinks in the same direction, yet not in the same way’.
  • We focus strongly on group inclusiveness, to ensure as much diversity as possible
  • We embody a set of 5 Values, that are rooted in Collective Wisdom and group harmony
  • We build personal awareness so individuals have a strong sense of self respect and honouring



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