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One-Body 一体

“To have a worldview that is inclusive, welcomes diversity
and recognises that we live in a constant state
of inter-connection with all other life.”

What is One-Body?

The notion of ‘inter-being’, that we live and interact as part of a greater whole is fundamental to fostering inclusiveness and removing the barriers that separate us from our common humanity.

As life takes form, individuals reach out to create systems of relationships. These individuals and systems arise from two seemingly conflicting desires: the absolute need for individual freedom, and the unequivocal need for relationships. In human society, we often struggle with the tension between these two forces – the need for self-determination and the need for one another.

Though Kensan, Dialogue, Mindfulness and Grounding, we build a One-Body resonance that forms the foundation for a harmonious, respectful and resilient relationship, not only with your groups, but also with the greater world and universe we live in…

What does One-Body feel like?

The Group Dilemma

In modern society, we often reach to satisfy one desire at the expense of the other. Often as well, the price of belonging to a community, organisation or group, is to forfeit one’s individual autonomy.

Communities, organisations and groups teams form around specific standards, doctrines, practices and traditions. Instead of honouring the individual as a unique contributor to the capability of the community and recognising the group’s need for diverse gifts, individuals are required to conform, to obey, to serve “the greater good” of the group. This is called Collective Folly or ‘group-think’, the lowest potential of all groups.

Inclusion can then exact a high price, that of our individual self-expression. With the loss of personal autonomy, diversity not only disappears, it also becomes a major management problem. The community spends more and more energy on new ways to exert control over individuals through endlessly proliferating policies, standards, and doctrines.

Particularly in the West, and in response to this too-demanding price of belonging, we move toward isolationism in order to defend our individual freedom. We choose a life lived alone in order for it to be our life. We may give up the meaningful life that can only be discovered in relationship with others for a meaningless life that at least we think is ours.

It seems that whenever we bargain with life and seek to satisfy only one of its two great needs, the result is a quality of true lifelessness. It appears we must live within this paradox; as life does not allow us to choose sides.

What We Really Want

We want our communities, groups, teams to support our individual freedom as a means to group health, harmony and resiliency. And individuals we must acknowledge each other and make choices based on the desire to be in relationship, as a means to our own health, harmony and resiliency.

It is possible to create resilient and adaptive communities, groups and teams that welcome our diversity as well as our membership. Explore through The Gateway Retreat how we find the balance between creating a harmonious group and respecting our own individual needs, ensuring the group is inclusive yet doesn’t fall into ‘group-think’ or Collective Folly. 

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