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The 5 Values

The 5 core values are a set of foundational values that we believe best prepare groups for accessing group harmony and releasing Collective Wisdom. These values work to create an interpersonal way of being that is accepting, inclusive and trusting in the power of the group.

These values have been synthesised from Collective Wisdom Theory and Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. They are also universal, in that they are compatible with other core values that an individual may hold.

“Values represent our highest priorities and deeply held driving forces behind our decisions and actions.”

Curiosity 好奇心

To embrace not knowing, to bring a love of new things, an attitude of openness and a beginners mind to exploring new ideas and possibilities.

Listening 聴

To listen with the ears, eyes, mind and heart. To place great value on what another says, to have a desire to understand what is in another’s heart.

Respect 尊重

A commitment to value others, even through disagreement. To welcome diversity and to value equally the contribution of every other person.

Acceptance 受容

To welcome all that arises, to honour our differences and celebrate our common humanity. To recognise that change and disruption leads to greater harmony.

Trust 信用

To feel safe in our groups, in our life and the wider world. To view life as supportive, and to remain secure, even in our uncertainty and not knowing.

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