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Zero-Position 零

To suspend certainty, to have no personal bias and to put aside current belief systems and fixed positions or ideas. To listen and to speak without attachment.

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Benefits of Zero-Position?

Learn through Kensan how to cultivate the art of listening and speaking from a place of non-attachment, objectivity and calmness.

By releasing our ‘need to be right’ and our ‘need to be understood’, we release our demands on those in the group and allow for a more open, creative and explorative dialogue where each individual feels free to share without needing to dominate or be submissive in a group.

Just as our capacity to know can be developed, so can we cultivate not-knowing. Seeing beyond our filters — our accumulated knowledge and beliefs — does not always come naturally. We have spent years growing attached to them in various degrees, and they feel safe.

Whatever we become attached to can begin to shape our future experiences and limit our perception of what exists outside our vocabulary.

Zero-Position does not mean you don’t know. It doesn’t require you to forget everything you have known or to suspend all interpretations of a situation. Zero-Position means not being limited by what you know, holding what you know lightly so that you are ready for it to be different. Maybe things are this way. But maybe they are not.

Practicing Zero-Position builds resilience for uncertainty, allows the truly new, innovative and complex to arise and strengthens the beginner’s mind.

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