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Gymea is a spa for the soul…

When you come to Gymea, you can expect to find….clean, comfortable, charming facilities…. warm, attentive and caring service…. a secluded, tranquil and grace filled environment in which to relax, unwind and drop into the workshop or retreat experience.

We aim to provide you with everything you will need to be comfortable and at ease. If it’s raining there will be an umbrella; if it’s dark there will be a torch; for mosquitoes, repellent or a citronella oil burner. We provide all bedding, a face cloth and a bath towel. In the bathroom you will find hand soap, shower gel, a hair dryer and shampoo. In the laundry, there is detergent, an iron and pegs. 

We suggest that you bring: comfy clothing, rain gear, walking shoes, a small personal torch, bathers and a beach towel for the pool, warm clothes for winter and cool clothes for summer, a sun hat and personal items.

And if you need something that is not on offer, simply ask and we will do our best to provide it. 

What People Say

A well thought out and beautiful place, teeming with life force. Thank you!
I loved everything. The spirit and love you have put into this place since owning it has made my stay a special and unforgettable experience. Good luck with all your plans in the future. I look forward to coming back and experiencing your wonderful home again.
A1 +++++. The staff are so lovely and caring and generous – real service givers. I felt nurtured and honoured. Very considerate people. Well done and a hundred gold stars to you all.
The food was fantastic and it is so nice when you are gluten intolerant to be able to have so much variety and such tasty food. Thank you!
I am having a very peaceful time here, enjoying the place. Thankyou for creating the space here. I truly feel community and love.
The food was amazing. It was always fresh, vibrant and creative. Each dish was perfect in it’s own right. The meal breaks have truly been something to look forward to. Not only was it tasty and healthy but was prepared with enthusiasm for quality and intention to please.
I found the facilities to be excellent. Everything was provided including “natural hand wash” and a single rose in our room. It was like a home away from home for me. Thankyou!

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