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Aravindha D’Angiolillo

My passion for food began at a very early age. As a young migrant from Italy, my love for Italian cooking was sparked by the love of good food within the family and watching my aunties and father cook deliciously more-ish home-made dishes.

My love for multi-cultural foods also began at a very tender age. Growing up in a private Polish Convent introduced me to new tastes and cuisines, one of which was Chinese. At the age of five, I was able to use chopsticks virtually before starting school. 

As a teenager in the 1980’s I began working in the catering industry in Sydney, whilst studying fashion and food at the East Sydney National Arts and Food School. In early 2000, I moved to the Sunshine Coast and began catering for Yoga Retreats and other Alternative Modalities, later becoming Head Chef for Chenrezig Buddhist Institute Eudlo, Govinda’s Vegetarian Cafe Maroochydore and The Health Retreat Maleny.

Today I continue to cater for the alternative market, and love the atmosphere of working with such diverse communities.


I am an Ayurvedic Chef and my specialities are a fusion of Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and European inspired Vegetarian cuisine. I also specialise in designing meals that cater for Special Needs and Dietary Requirements, without compromising flavour and nutrition.

I love the cleanliness of Thai and Japanese Cuisines, the warmth and love of Italian and French Cooking, and the science and spirituality of Ayurvedic Food Preparation. This inspires me to create a more modern fushion-istic style, using elements of all these cuisines.

Food Philosophy

I believe in alternative and sustainable methodologies in food practices:

  1. Incorporating the energy of love into the process of cooking food is paramount.
  2. The use of organic, whole foods over packaged foods is of the highest of importance
  3. Foods are best eaten directly from the garden, preferably not out of cans or plastic packaging
  4. Sugar, chemical and additive-free foods

I have trained in Ayurvedic Cooking, trust it’s importance, and believe in the basic Ayurvedic principle:

“There is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong, but everything in moderation”

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